“ZVRK” for picColo flute and piano

2019. cca 8 min.
the first performance: 12.7.2019. VI International Piccolo Festival, Grado, Italy
performed by: Snjezana Pavicevic, piccolo and Natasa Plecas, piano


“Big door” for doublebass and rhodes keyboard

2019. cca 10 min.
the first performance: 18.6.2019. Big Hall of Student’s Cultural Centre, Belgrade
performed by: Goran Kostic, doublebass and Natalija Mladenovic, keyboard


“Kilmulis” for violin, piano and live video

2018. cca 9 min.
the first performance: 30.11.2017. SKC, Belgrade
performed by: Madlen Stokic Vasiljevic, violin, Arpad Pecvari, piano and Maja Mihic, video


“FARAWAY CITY ON WATER“ for two harps (and Hong Kong)

2017. cca 6 min.
the first performance: 9.7.2017. APA Studio Theatre, Hong Kong
performed by: Ljiljana Nestorovska i Milena Stanisic


“WEATHER VANE“ for accordion and piano

2017, cca 8 min.
the first performance: 07.05.2017, Kolarac Hall, Belgrade
performed by: Miodrag Djordjevic, accordion and Katarina Radovanovic, piano


“THE PIECE, CAKE, COLLAGE“ for piano four hands (20 fingers)

2016, cca 5 min. 30 sec.
recorded by: LP Duo


“B-G-B-A RO(C)K“ for baroque ensemble (2 violins, viola, viola da gamba and harpsichord)

2016, cca 13 min.
the first performance: 22.11.2016, Students’Cultural Centre, Belgrade
performed by the ensemble Belgrade Baroque


“SAX & SEX“ for saxophones and piano(s)

2015. cca 9’
the first performance: 24.09.2015. Belgrade Philharmonic Hall
performed by: Stanislava Jevtić-Protić – piano and Milan Savić – saxophones


“SAXKOLO” for saxophone quartet

2015. cca 9’
the first performance: 25.09.2015. Terazije theatre, Belgrade
performed by: Ensemble “Quattro temperamenti“


“SIX AND A HALF” for two violins

2012. cca 8’
the first performance: 28.05.2012. Artget Gallery, Belgrade
performed by: Madlen Stokić and Marija Misita


“COUVADE” for violin, clarinet and piano

2012. cca 7’30’’
the first performance: 04.05.2012. Kolarac Hall, Belgrade
performed by: trio Movement


“QUATTRO TEMPERAMENTI” for saxophone quartet

2011. cca 10’
the first performance: 23.11.2011. Slovenian philharmonic Hall, Ljubljana – Slovenia
performed by: quartet 4 Saxess


“MOKRANJAC – VARIATIONS” for string quartet

2011. cca 12 min.
recorded by: string quartet “Mokranjac”


“THE BIG CHASM” for percussion quartet

2011. cca 6 min. 30 sec.
the first performance: 25.05.2011. SIMN Festival, Romania
performed by: Game quartet


“YELLOW CLOWN” for trombone, (piano optional) and electronics

2011. cca 3 min.
recorded by: Aleksandar Benčić, trombone and Neda Hofman, piano


“UMBRA” for double bass and piano

2010. cca 4 min.
recorded by: Slobodan Gerić, double bass and Neda Hofman, piano


“7 CROQUI ILLUSTRATIONS AND AN EPILOGUE OR WHEN kSING & DUNU MET little stana (a short history of Belgrade) ” for flute, violin and piano

2009. cca 10 min
the first performance: 14.12.2009. The Artget Gallery, Belgrade
performed by: trio “Singidunum”


“MA-RI-NA-DA” for guitar and piano

2008. cca 7 min
the first performance: 17.06.2008. Maribor (Slovenia)
performed by: Relja Turudic and Kristina Arnic


“THREE LITTLE ABSURDITIES” for flute, viola and harp

2007. cca 6 min
the first performance: 19.05.2008. Belgrade City Hall
performed by: trio “Timbre”


“…IN ONE’S EYE WINK…” for violoncello and piano

2004-05. cca 6 min 30 sec
the first performance: 17.02.2005. Belgrade City Hall
performed by: Neda Hofman (piano) i Srdjan Sretenovic (violoncello)


“CUTTING EDGE” for flute, baritone saxophone and piano

2004. cca 8 min 30 sec
the first performance: 26.10.2004. The Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade
performed by: trio “Slavko Osterc” – Slovenija


“FLOBCLHOFFY” for wind quintet

1998. cca 9 min
the first performance: 04.04.2006. Mokranjac Hall, Belgrade
performed by: Monika Lasanc (flute), Bojan Pesic (oboe), Vojislav Dukic (clarinet),
Sava Djuric (bassoon) i Mihajlo Bulajic (horn)


“STING” for clarinet, double bass and piano

1997. cca 8 min
the first performance: jun 1999. Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade
performed by: Vladimir Dosen (clarinet), Djordje Stijepovic (double bass)
and Jelena Milasinovic (piano)


“ARMONIOSO” for violin, guitar and piano

1996. cca 7 min 30 sec
the first performance: 18.06.1996. Kolarac Hall, Belgrade
performed by: Oliver Dizdarevic (violin), Misa Obradovic (guitar) and Neda Hofman (piano)


” FOR TWO” for flute and clarinet

1996. cca 4 min
the first performance: 04.01.1997. The Bitef Theater, Belgrade
performed by: Tijana Krstic (flute) and Vladimir Dosen (clarinet)


“TAIWAN CANASTA” for two pianos

1995-96. cca 5 min
the first performance: april 1997. The Faculty of Music, Belgrade
performed by: Jelena Milasinovic and Marija Milosevic