“ELEGANZA NUOVA” for chamber string orchestra

2016, cca 14 min.
the first performance: 05.10.2016, Hall of the National Bank of Serbia, Belgrade
performed by: St. George Strings and Rade Pejcic, conductor


“ISTAR” instrumental theatre (21 caricatures for 21 musicians)

2011. cca 45 min.
the first performance: 02. and 03.09.2011. Nebojsa Tower, Kalemegdan, Belgrade
(the 1st Danubefest)
performed by: The Istar Soloists ensemble and St.George strings, conductor: Ivan Brkljacic
Video tape


“FLIZA” for flute solo and chamber string orchestra

2006. cca 12 min
the first performance: 18.11.2006. Belgrade Philharmonic Hall
performed by: Liza Havlina Presicek, Belgrade strings and Jurg Wyttenbach



2005. cca 6 min
the first performance: 03.07.2005. Students’ Cultural Centre, Belgrade
performed by: “DLM” and Ivan Brkljacic
Video tape


“CAVATINA” for violin and string chamber orchestra

2004. cca 7 min
the first performance: 5.5.2007. Monza (Italy)
performed by: String orchestra Mokranjac and Vladimir Milic (conductor)


“JINX” for chamber ensemble

2003-04. cca 12 min
the first performance: Janacek Philharmonic Hall, Ostrawa (Czech Republic)
performed by: Ostrawska banda and Yuri Galatenko (conductor)
Video tape


“SUMMERTIME” variations on Gershwin’s theme for chamber string orchestra

1996-97. cca 10 min