19. Review of Composers

19th International Review of Composers will be held from 19-23.11.2010. in the Hall of the National Bank of Serbia, the Bitef Theater and Yugoslav Drama Theater.



Friday, November 19, at 5:30 pm – Hall of the Composers Association of Serbia

Božo BanovićFour Ends of the Kingdom, for flute and guitar
Branka Popovićin nuce, for viola
Anica SaboDreamrealm,  for narator, flute, violin, and viola
Jasna Veljanović–RankovićVariations without a Theme for flute
Dragana JovanovićLet’s Play, for flute and violin
Predrag RepanićCo-llage from the Isle of the Deadmonodrama for solo clarinet (in memory of the Dead Composers Society
Svetlana MaksimovićVoices for violin  ‘monodrama for a violinist’


Friday, November 19, at 8 pm – Bitef theatre

Cage’s Music Circus – House Full of Music 
A project by Nada Kolundžija, Scott  Fielding and International Review of Composers in collaboration with the US Embassy in Belgrade
Participants: Svetozar Cvetković, actor; Nada Kolundžija, prepared piano; Katarina Jovanović, soprano and 16 musicians, 8 actors and 2 dancers


Saturday, November 20, at 6 pm – Hall of the National Bank of Serbia

Ensemble Alternance (Paris, France)

Frédéric Baldassare, violoncello
Jean-Marie Cottet, piano
Jacques Ghestem, violin
Valeria Kafelnikov, harp
Jean-Luc Menet, flute
Claire Merlet, viola
Chiaki Tsunaba, clarinet

Raphael CendoAffront (world premiere), for flute, violin, violoncello, and piano
Mark AndréIv 2, for violoncello
Gérard PessonMes Béatitudes, for violin, viola, violoncello, and piano 
Ivan BrkljačićThree Little Absurdities, for flute, viola, and harp
Milica ĐorđevićGREY, for alto flute, bass clarinet, viola, violoncello, and piano 
Milorad MarinkovićLittle Opera –(International Review commission, world premiere), for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, piano, and harp


Saturday, November 20, at 8 pm – The Great Hall of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre

Ensemble  Cantus (Croatia)

Conductor, art director: Berislav Šipuš
Choreographer: Dinko Bogdanić
Soloist: Marta Babić, mezzo-soprano

Luciano BerioOpus Number Zoo, children’s wind quintet
I  Barn Dance
II  The Fawn
III  The Grey Mouse
IV  Tom Cats
Mauricio Kagel: Match, for three players
Berislav Šipuš: Ten Hotti, for voice and chamber ensemble
Mauricio KagelKontra→danse, ballet for non-dancers
Ivana Stefanović: The Poet in a Box of Glass – Fairytale, for soprano and chamber ensemble
Silvio ForetićValse macabre, for voice and salon orchestra


Sunday, November 21, at 5:30 pm – Hall of the National Bank of Serbia

Jelena DabićVarying moods for alto saxophone and percussions
Dušan Bavdek (Slovenia): Croquis, for oboe and bassoon
Ljubomir NikolićDrops,for percussions
Marko MatovićFour Vagabonds, for trumpet, horn, trombone and bassoon
Mirjana ŽivkovićCircular Melody, for oboe with pantomime
Milana Stojadinović – MilićAeolus,for three violoncellos
Aleksandar VujićNiška Banja (The Spa of Niš) , for four trombones
Dejan DespićSerenade for Strings


Sunday, November 21, at 8. pm – Hall of the National Bank of Serbia

Ivan BožičevićTracing – in Quest for Simplicity for piano, flute, violin and violoncello (one harmonic and three melodic instruments)
Ana GnjatovićDialogue, quasi una serenata, for two voices
Marcin Stancyk (Poland): Three Afterimages for double bass
Teodora StepančićAlluminium Obsession, for voice
Vladimir TošićSilabial, for flute, bassoon, and piano
Nataša BogojevićLe beau est toujours bizzare, for male soprano, baritone, violoncello and piano
Miloš ZatkalikSeemingly Innocent Game, for violoncello, vibraphone and piano


Monday, November 22, at 8 pm – Hall of the National Bank of Serbia

Harp to harp

Jasna Veličković: ‘shadow study #6’  for amplified harp, percussions  and electronic
Raymond Murray Schafer (Canada): The Crown of Ariadne, for harp with percussions
I Ariadne awakens
II Ariadne’s dance
III Dance of the night insects
IV Sun dance
Srđan HofmanLooking at Mirrors by Amish Kapoor, for two amplified harps and Logic Pro software sound processors
George Aperghis (France): Compagnie, for cimbalom, percussions and harp
Milan MihajlovićGreen Waves, for four harps
Belgrade Harp Quartet – Ljiljana Nestorovska, Milena Stanišić, Ivana Pavlović i Dijana Sretenović


Monday, 22 November, at 9:30 pm – Hall of the National Bank of Serbia

Poem and Vortando

Iulia Narcisa Cibisescu-Duran (Romania): Poems, for viola solo
Saša Mirković
Duo Irinel Anghel, & Sorin Romanesku (Romania): Vortando project – Connecting to the Inner Power
Irinel Anghel, voice and keyboards, Sorin Romanescu, electric guitar
Visual concept and instalation: Raluca Ghideanu


Tuesday, 23 November, at 8 pm – The Hall of the National Bank of Serbia

Mokranjac Award 2009 Ceremony

Marko NikodijevićCvetić, kućica… la lugubre gondola (recording)
Duo LP – Sonja Lončar, piano; Andrija Pavlović, piano
Pepe Garcia Rodrigez, percussions
Kim Helveg (Denmark): Blue edge, for two pianos
John Adams (USA): Halleluyah Junction, for two pianos
Ivan BrkljačićThe Great Little J. for marimba
Simeon Ten Holt (Netherlands): Canto Ostinato, for two pianos, marimba, and video